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During the pandemic there has been an unprecedented use of online consultation requests in general practice, showcasing how digital technology can help improve access. NHS england has as a result designed a programme called Digital First Primary care which supports the use of online consultation tools to improve the doctor-patient interaction.

At the Park Medical Centre, we are committed to improving access and based on current recommendations we have now moved to a online consultation system where by patients can click on the SUBMIT A NEW REQUEST TAB  to ask a question, talk to us about a medical symptom or follow up on a previous issue.Use the link below to understand a bit more about what the online system is about and how it is changing care delivery across GP practices.


How does  the online booking system work at the Park medical Centre?

For all urgent medical requests we ask you to access the online system at 8 am . Our online consultation system opens at 8 am and stays open until all the appointment slots have been filled in for the day. The number of appointments available is dependent on the number of clinicians available on the day. When one of the clinician is unavailable then our appoinments are less and hence we might switch our online consultation system sooner. Following feedback we are currently opening our consultation system 

What if my appointment is still of an urgent nature but all the appointments for the day are gone?

If this is the case then we advice you to ring the surgery to discuss your concerns and our lovely reception team will try to help you . We do still encourage you to fill in the admin query section as explained below even if your appointments are of an urgent nature. All queries are reviewed within 48 hours and at times sooner depending our staff capacity.

What if my query is non urgent?

If your query is non urgent then we recommend clicking on the Submit a new request and choosing the " I have an admin query section and filling in the form and someone will get in touch with you as soon as possible. For non urgent queries we advise to allow 48 hours for someone to get back to you. We are happy to accept request for non urgent appoinments over the phone although we are encouraging patients to use our online system as much as possible. This subsequently frees the phone line so we can deal with vulnerable 


What if I do not have access to the internet or I am not well versed with how to get online?

At the Park Medical Centre we are constantly ensuring that patients are able to access care equitably and safely based on their needs. For those that cannot access the internet for one reason or the other  and are in need of an urgent appointment our receptionits are more than happy to fill in the online form on their behalf. They can still contact the surgery by phone or via walk in and we will fill the form in for them and send it to the GP.

For those that are vulnerable or housebound, and unable to get to the surgery we also offer home visits. Your GP will visit you at home if there is a sufficient evidence that your medical condition warrants it and you cannoy make it to the surgery.

What if I would like to feedback on my experience of the appoinment system?

At the Park medical centre we value feedback and are constantly looking for ways to improve our care delivery. We rely on you to tell us what we are doing right and where we could improve further. For any feedback you have please email it to




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